Here are a few photos of my workshop at the Founders Inn and Spa.  It was my first ever workshop that was a tremendous success.  The emails and text messages are still pouring in stating that it was the “best workshop that they have ever attended.”  My objective in this workshop was to provide photographers a solid body of work, while refining their skill set.   We did everything from wedding couple shoots, fashion, light, food photography, tablescape detail shooting and studio and OCF lighting.  I’ve also put together a private facebook page (thanks to Caron) and the work that the attendees are producing is extraordinary!!!

Special thank to all of the attendees for making my event possible.  I truly enjoyed each and every one of you and look forward in a long lasting relationship.  Thank you Melissa George, Maya Holihan, Staci Jelly, Isha Foss, Candice Rauch, Tracey Cephus, Matt Palalay, Jeffery Lewis, Splash Modeling Agency, Jon, Kiara, Allison, Skylar, Clarissa and Krista’s awesome team at the Founders in for making this possible.  Get ready for the Keith Cephus Workshop in 2018!