Here are a few of my favs from Leslie and Caleb’s amazing wedding at the Founders Inn & Spa.  Their wedding was simply amazing, thanks to vendors:  Adrielle Bazemore, Janell Keen, Marcus Johnson, DJ Roger Cruz, Bella Cakes, Blue Steel Lighting Design, Candice Rauch, Donald Hurdle, Rilen Harris and Melanie Bowman and her awesome team at the Founders Inn!  Special thanks to Charlie and Lydia for assisting me with this amazing wedding!  I’ve been blessed to have photographed Leslie sister Nicole’s wedding and marketing photos for their family business.  Leslie and Caleb, I can’t thank the both of you enough for allowing me to capture your big day.  I wish the both of you the very best that life has to offer.  Continue to bless, inspire and motivate the world with your amazing gift!!