Teamwork truly makes the dream work!  I can’t say it any better as it took a total team effort to pull this amazing production with actor Jabari Gray in the best city in the world, which they had to name it twice, New York, New York!  You’ve probably seen Jabari in “Law & Order SVU”, “Person of Interest”, “The Blacklist”, “Single Ladies”, “Billions” or a slew of other TV shows and films.   Special thanks to my fearless team stylist Belle Bella, asst. photographer Anthony Dickens and Yamean Studio for bringing this production to fruition.  Uriah, I can’t thank you enough for this amazing opportunity.  Without you, none of this would’ve been possible.  Jabari and Mari, thanks for bringing your “A” game.  Truly a delight to work with the both of you.

Models:  Actor  Jabari Gray & Emmy Award actress Mari White

Photographer: Keith Cephus
Stylist: Belle Bella
Cinematography: Yamean Studios
Publicist: Uriah Young
Photo asst. Anthony Dickens
Location: Adelante Studio, NYC